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    Welcome To Our Cooking Link Page For Scouts & Scouters

Lets see Ken our Scout Master likes to cook in his cast iron skillet, loves Italian sausage with Green Peppers and onions, has it on every camp out.

Now Roy our Committee Chairman like's foil, he eats every meal out of foil, doesn't like doing dishes. He also puts bar-b-q sauce on everything.

Now myself I like the cast iron, and foil, and I even use my teflon pan sometimes. My cooking methods change like the weather depends on my mood. Heck I'll even cook on a stick but Ken won't let us eat hot dogs and warming up a Pop Tart is not cooking!!!!!!!
1.  Scout Cooking
2.  Troop 237s Dutch Oven Recipes
3.  Marv's Cooking With Dutch Ovens
4.  Cookbooks and Cook Videos Galore
5.  Foil Cooking !
6.  Tin Foil Cooking
7.  Learn To Cook Without Pots And Pans
8.  Recipes and Such
9.  Kid's Camp Cooking
10.Camp & Trail Cooking Techniques
11.Camp Cooking with Food Storage